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Unknow story of Thomas Edison - NO challenge, No Success

December 10th 1914,  there was a massive explosion in West Orange New Jersey United States of America 10 buildings in a factory owned by the legendary inventor Thomas Edison was engulfed by flames. 

Six to eight fire departments rushed to the scene but could not curb the chemically fueled inferno. after having dried all that he could, as Thomas Edison calmly stood there watching the fire destroy his entire life's hard work. His 24-year-old son Charles came over and stood next to him.
 In a childlike voice, Edison said to his son "Charlie, go and get your mother and her friends. They'd never been able to see a spectacular fire like this in their entire life". Astonished and shocked by father's response Charles asked Thomas Edison, "our entire Factory is being burnt down to ashes dad." 
Thomas Edison replied in complete composure "Yes, our factory is being burnt down to ashes but all the mistakes we have made so far in the factory, have also been burnt d…
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How to deal with TOXIC People

How to deal with TOXIC People
In a certain company, a young employee went to the HR head and said, "I can't work here any longer, I want to quit this job." The HR head asked, why? please tell me what happened? the whole atmosphere is so toxic to my mind, replied the young man. There are people here, who are into a lot of politics, then there are those who talk negative all the time some spent most of their time gossiping than working I don't think I can handle this any longer.
the HR head said ok. But I have a request to make before you leave. the man asked, please tell me what can I do for you, sir? The HR head said I want you to do this one last thing sincerely I want you to take a glass of water office area three times without spilling a single drop of water on the floor after that you may leave the job if you wish.
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 Though it sounded weird, the man thought it was just a matter of a few minutes anyways he took a glass full of wat…

If you Feeling Hurt? Read this

In the middle of a beautiful city there was a museum. the floor in the museum was laid with marble tiles, and right in the centre of the foyer was a huge marble statue as a part of the display.
many people from all over the world visited the museum every day and admired the beautifully crafted statue. one night, one of the marble tiles on the floor started talking to the marble statue "hey statue, we are originally from   the same town. 
we were picked up from the same mine, transported on the same lorry, brought to the very same sculptor. why then the people from all over the world come all the way here just to step on me while they admire and praise you so much? This is so unfair." the marble statue replied. "My dear friend, ho tile do you remember how both of us sat there side by side in the sculptor's workshop in our original forms as marble blocks.?
And do you recollect how the sculptor chose to work on you first? he started using his tools on you simpl…

Why should You Feel Discouraged In Life?

Why should You Feel Discouraged In Life?
A man was watching a local football match in a school playing ground.
As he sat there he asked one of the boys what the score was. 

With a bright smile on his face, the boy replied, "They are leading us by 0-3" Astonished the man said, "Really!! but you don't look discouraged at all."
"Discouraged"? the boy asked with a puzzled look on his face. Why should I be discouraged when the the referee has not blown the final whistle yet.?
I have confidence in my team and the managers and we shall win the match ! " and certainly, the match ended 5-4 in   favour of the boy's team, the boy waved at the man gently with a charming smile, as he left.
the man was absolutely amazed his mouth wide open such confidence; such b beautiful faith and he's just a small boy.
As the man got back  the home that night, the boy's question kept ringing in his mind again and again. "Why should I be discouraged yet?" when the referee has no…


Two guys graduated from the same university together and after a couple of months joints same company, after two years the manager promoted one of them, Rahul, to the position of senior sales manager, but the other one Jiten, remain in the same position as had joined a sales officer, Jiten felt hurt, disgruntled and even felt jealous of Rahul since he needed the job. However, he continued working anyways after a couple of months. Jiten's bitter feelings towards Rahul grew so much that he just could not work with him any longer. 
He wrote his resignation letter, but before he handed it over to the manager, he complained that the management did not value hard-working staff and that get promoted only the ones they favoured. the manager was well aware that Jiten worked very hard for the company even harder than Rahul and thus he much deserved the promotion, but something was missing in Jiten. 
So to help Jiten the manager gave him a task. Can you go and find o…

How to Stop MIND's Chattering

How to Stop MIND's Chattering 
An artist once came to a king who was a great admirer of art and said "Oh king if you give me a blank wall in your Palace, I can create a spectacular painting on it.just then, another young man was present there said to the king, Your Majesty please allow me to work on the opposite wall as well I am an artist too. 
The King asked the young man, and what would you like to make? the man said I shall make an exact replica of the painting that the other artist makes on the wall opposite to mine and I shall do so without even looking at his work, 
I would request you to place a thick curtain between the two walls so that neither of us can see the other's work and also have guards to make sure there's no cheating, everyone and the court including the King was intrigued and the King decided to give both artists the opportunity to show their talent the following day a thick curtain was put in place.
And both the artists started their work, the first…

What is the Need for Rituals in a Religion?

What is the need for rituals in a religion? 
In London, some guy asked me, why Religion rituals are a part of life? what is the need for rituals and religion, you know, whichever faith and I said to him, why are have you been talking about religious rituals as a part of religion, rituals are a part of life? two weeks back was Valentine's Day guys went to girls giving them rose flowers giving a rose to a girl is a ritual, but it conveys how you feel to that girl saying., I love you, language is a ritual
But language is a ritual to meant to help you communicate the feelings of your heart to the person whom you are communicating to, giving a gift to someone has a ritual, right? but that gift just tells the person, "ok you mean a lot to me" singing a birthday song or cutting a birthday cake is a ritual, but it just means telling the other person, your birthday matters a lot to me". man united and Chelsea are playing a game, and Man united wins, and the whole world Wembley…